Doodle Creatures

Play God & Create an Amazing Creature Universe! From the creators of the award winning puzzler Doodle God, comes a new ALL ages adventure!

What happens if you combine an elephant with a flamingo? In Doodle Creatures you can find out as you create hundreds of fantastic and unique Creatures by combining different animals. Play Doctor and scan hundreds of animals DNA which allows you to combine different animal traits to create new Creatures.
Take the speed of a cheetah and combine with flying ability of an eagle. Awesomeness awaits!

Along the way, build and upgrade your own genetic laboratory that gives you the power to build an even more spectacular Creature Universe of your imagination!


  • Puzzles for All ages and skill levels.
  • Create hundreds of different Creatures in cool sandbox game play.
  • Clever Quests designed to test your skill.
  • Build and upgrade your own genetic laboratory.
  • Cool “Did You Know That” feature that tells you about your creations.
  • Intuitive one-click game play encourages thoughtful, creative play.
  • Hundreds of interesting, funny and thought-provoking quotes and sayings.
  • Kid-friendly and educational game play!

- by N.
Muy recomendado Así como en Doodle God, tienes que ir creando seres, y en este caso irás identificando animales para descubrir nuevos genes. Volador, pequeño, cuello largo... Esto de sacar los genes de los animales es algo nuevo. No está en los otros juegos Doodle. Los colores que se eligieron para este juego son suaves y vivos, así que es como que te sube parte del ánimo. También hay otros detalles que no son muy destacables, pero eso no importa, porque lo que destacó siempre en este tipo de juegos Doodle es su mecánica. Es adictiva. Si te gustó Doodle God y Doodle Evil entonces este es el juego que quieres jugar. Recordemos: Si no lo vas a comprar entonces no deberías jugar la prueba. También recuerda que la única manera de conseguir el juego completo es comprándolo, y lo digo porque muchos no lo saben...

- by
Doodle creature Great game, lots of fun as long as you spend time scanning creatures so that you have 'genes' available to use. U do not have to spend money, just use scan feature to get what needed. Recommended to use free money/pills on couple extra scanners first thing (don't spend money on rushing scans, buy scanners FIRST, or u will b sorry)so able to scan more than one at a time. This is imperative to fun game play, need at least 3 scanners!!!

- by Леночка0606
Айпад эйр Не регистрируется ни в Фейсбук ни в Твиттер, нет обещанной синхронизации между устройствами, т.ж. Самое и на айфон 5s, исправьте пожалуйста игра очень нравится ( те же проблемы и во всех других ваших играх).

- by
Simbu Nice game and time pass game

- by 旭宁

- by German shepherd dog chief
Things that upset me I went to play my game and I mashed play and this thank kept popping up and saying please download full version and I mashed the x and it went back to the beginning and I hate the mutants they pop up a lot when I mix the animals

- by
쩌내ㅔ ㅅ거ㅗ오도유ㅠㄷ

- by
Jak zrobić konia?

- by Кантемир

- by moi

Wonderfully unique concept!


It’s addictive. Insanely so! Lots of fun.


I would recommend buying it, definitely worth it!