Doodle Farm

Put on your boots and cowboy hat and head to Doodle Farm! Ever wondered what would happen if you combined a dog with a turtle? In a universe of thousands of adorable animals that allows you to breed what ever your heart desires you can find out. Start with four simple creatures and watch in wonder as you build a gigantic and fantastical animal kingdom from your bare hands (well almost bare anyway:).

  • Create 135+ different animals!
  • Tons of funny quotes, sayings and jokes!
  • Simple one-click gameplay makes playing fun and easy!
  • Extra Expert Mode for more super-fun play!
  • A kid-friendly and educational gameplay!
  • Learn more about every animal you create!

- by Susan Dowling
Really fun! Its really fun! I like how i can create on my own pace and how the choice is mine! I wish there were more things to create! Add more and update!!

- by Doodle Dude
Wicked Awesome

- by JosieRussell
Doodle Farm This is a great game!! Time consuming but makes you think - I love it. Now to tackle Doodle God and Doodle Devil

- by
Хорошая Классная игра, даже очень.

- by Connor hagen
A genius game The flaws were nothing only yee hahs or up th dick things the cowgirl blurts out but it was still fantastic

- by Yancieng
Less than doodle god Much less things to play then doodle god, a bit unfair for the same price, but it's a good game.

- by Caleberri
Weezer Make an update! Or a new one! Doodle stereotypes? Doodle jobs? Doodle emotions?

- by Crohnie lexy
Amazing! Loved the thought that goes into these games. I've played all 3 and each I gave 5 stars. It's simply fantastic. You really have to think hard about what goes with what. Only niggle I have is the price. On IPhone it's 69p but on my mums HTC phone it's 1.49!!!! Don't know how you can justify that price. Just because its a different phone does NOT mean it should be more expensive. Sort it out please.

- by WrathIe83
So good This game is so good, that it needs the following: 1: iPad format 2: quests!!! 3: puzzles!!! Other than that, this game rocks!

- by Gwen campagna21
Really cool game